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Pipeline Disinfection Cleaning Services Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah UAE

PIPELINES are one of the most crucial systems installed in a commercial or domestic environment. They control the overall well-being of a building and its inhabitants. Their inspection and survey are important before installation which is what we can do for you.

If Pipelines have already been installed, we can sanitize them from bacteria and other impurities, so that your water is disinfectant and free from any impurities.

It is recommended to carry out pipeline disinfection after water tank cleaning as this is the time when your tank is most eligible to get disinfected. We carry our chemical processes that not only remove bacteria, but any residues due to corrosion and we also make sure to remove biofilms that may have rested in corners and may have escaped the cleaning process.

The bacterial communities not only have nutrients, microbes, and waterborne pathogens but also form a layer that actually blocks and dysfunctions your pipeline.

We make sure to clean and disinfect these areas and pipelines before layers form and before any plaque can create problems. We sterilize and disinfect from the roots, to clean the entire water distribution system.

We also give extra attention to provide cleaning of the hot and cold-water system in commercial and domestic buildings, providing free chlorine residual of 1-2mg/l at all outlets, and also make routine visits on your demands if necessary. We also recommend flushing the entire water system on a regular basis quarterly. Call us today 00971-4-224-3144 to get Pipeline Disinfection Cleaning Services Dubai UAE


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