Water Tank Cleaning & Disinfection

Water Tank Cleaning & Disinfection

Water tanks can provide the perfect environment for bacteria to grow, breed, and multiply, bacteria such as Elia and nitrifying bacteria. The growth of bacteria contaminates the water and gives facilitation to diseases. The best way for bacteria to multiply is for them to breed in stagnant water.

At the green horizon, we take utmost care in using the latest technology for cleaning, disinfecting, and making sure your water tanks stay safe and hygienic for a long-lasting time.

We not only clean through traditional methods but we make sure to strip away biofilm layers to discourage and harbor the Elia bacteria while making sure that we give you an environmentally friendly procedure and better value for money. Green horizon Dubai has lower costs and effective cleaning procedures, you will have to try to see for yourself!

Our company ensures quality and standard service through our fully trained operators & updated machinery and equipment. You can rely on us. We are committed to providing you the best services.

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