Sofa Cleaning

Sofa Cleaning

Sofa cleaning services are a comprehensive process. Keeping in mind the different cloth material of a sofa and the cushion pads that need intricate care, make it very important for the cleaner or the cleaning company to pay extra care and attention to the cleaning process. We at Green horizon will make sure to make an extra visit or survey if necessary to evaluate and understand the material of your sofa and what procedure we need to carry out. 

Our main priorities are to clean the sofa and make it as good as new or even better. The idea and craft behind our cleaning procedure. We don’t only clean with detergents and sensitive material to preserve your sofa and its material but we also make sure to repair and restore during the process so that any burns, heat marks or cracked/peelings are removed from the base. 

We can use steam cleaning or dry soil cleaning as per your demand along with extraction, and your sofa won’t need drying or adjusting time as maximum water is sucked out and our vacuum motor does its job at its best so as soon as we complete the process you can start using your sofa. We also make sure to sanitize your sofa so that no residues or pesky germs are left behind.

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