Room Disinfection with Fogging System

Room Disinfection with Fogging System

Room disinfection has become increasingly important in the UAE with the drastically changing climate during the past few years, extra dusty weather, dust mites and bed bugs.

A warm humid weather is welcoming environment for bacteria and mites to breed and it is very important that domestically and commercially room disinfectant cleaning takes place at least twice a year.

We disinfect homes and office rooms in no time. We make sure to clean and disinfect floors , walls and corners . We recheck so that no inch of your area is left behind , along with a closing period of an hour your surfaces are not only cleaned but pure from any germs or bacteria. 

Room disinfection takes place with special care so that even  the air you breathe is clean from any impurities making it inevitable for any disease pathogens or bacteria’s to survive. Your life and the people around you can be safer and healthier ! 

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