Marble Polishing

Marble Polishing

Marble floors are one of the trickiest floors to be polished as they have a heavy consistency but nicks and corners that can be tricky to polish and maintain when the marble is a few years older.

It is very important to pre-clean, carry out cleaning procedures, and post-check the marble polishing process so that your marble is left with a mirror-like shine.

We use buffing machines along with buffing pads, marble compound powder is further used to ensure that the process is done with matched quality standards.

Our process may be lengthy but since we focus more on quality, our processes are long-lasting, we rinse the floor with clean water twice and make sure to mop to check if the dents or scratches are covered so when we provide the polishing effect it is most effective.

At last, we place a clean pad on a buffer machine to apply marble polish in a 3’ x 3’ area of the floor, we make sure to recheck, spray and respray using side to side motion, and buff the floor until its dry.

We keep on working in blocks with the floor area one by one, we only focus on four sections at once until we get the desired results and the pristine clear marble tile appears.

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