Laundry Duct cleaning

Laundry Duct cleaning

Laundry duct are the first and only thing that needs to be kept clean in commercial laundries and hotels. If laundry ducts are left ignored, the quality and quantity both are affected for laundry services. The heat exhaust and warm water vapors need to escape as a result of laundry services. Constant usage of the passage can burn corners of the ducts, get them corroded due to humidity and can cause deposit of flammable material in an enclosed space as lint. 

Lint is hazardous to the environment, can burst anytime causing a fire emergency and can also cause the machines and motors to over exhaust themselves while working. A sa result extra energy consumption is done and the quality and time of work is affected. 

We make sure to clean and re clean the duct system so your efficiency is not affected. We provide disinfecting and sterilization services after basic cleaning to make sure that your ducts are cleaned, well maintained for a long time and well efficiently powerful meeting your needs. 

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