Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Signage is a visual communication that can display information to a wide variety of people throughout the day. The message is advertised on a monitor in high traffic areas to capture the attention of people as they walk through the area. Allowing individuals to take screen shots of the information and share it with others.

Lynd Solutions, LLC. have helped business owners increase their customers through advertising their business locally, providing internal communication within a company, and design the flyer to display on the monitor. Please contact us for more details on the packages at info@lyndsolutions.com .

You can create it yourself; however, we can create one for you at an additional cost.

Your flyer will rotate throughout the day continuously allowing your company/ event to gain a lot of exposure to potential customers/ clients.

For local advertising, you can display information about your company (website, contact information, etc.), events that are occurring, etc.. For internal communications, you can post directories, upcoming events, special announcements, etc..

Yes. Please contact us for more details at info@lyndsolutions.com.

We generally try to get in touch with everyone within 24 hours; however, we allow up to 48 hours for a response.

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