Cooling Tower Cleaning & Disinfection

Cooling Tower Cleaning & Disinfection

Most cooling towers are the basis of a building and get dirty easily with lots of dirt, slime, and sludge. Cooling towers are mainly needed to be at their optimum best for efficiency in a country that is warm for 10 months in a year. 

It is very important for the cooling tower to be cleaned, disinfected, and maintained at all times throughout the year and rechecked as well.

We at green horizon make sure to disinfect your cooling tower from the dangerous bacteria that may breed and help with the buildup of slime.

We make sure to scrap corners and disinfect with specialized chemicals to help with the cleaning and help to keep the deposits at bay even for the coming months.

Our aim isn’t to just clean but to make sure your cooling tower remains squeaky clean for a longer time.

Our expert’s survey, visit and revisit to check every detail of the cooling tower making sure that the procedure is carried out with utmost care so your cooling tower can be at its best performance. 

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