Air Condition Unit Servicing

Air Condition Unit Servicing

AC Servicing and Maintenance

We have been servicing and maintaining ACs for many buildings throughout the United Arab Emirates. We can take your experience from installing to maintaining to servicing to the next level so you don’t have to worry about the procedures individually being done with the AC system. Professional and excellent quality can be expected as we guarantee that we will do our best to give you satisfied results.

Sometimes an AC system takes time to show signs of being maintained, If your system is not working or cooling as efficiently as it should be, then for sure there is a problem but sometimes even though there is no problem, the AC needs to be checked and rechecked for any signs of deposits or dirt spoiling the functions and performance.

Just give us a call. We can arrange to have one of our expert Technician with you, to diagnose, specify and maintain any fault or issue in order for your AC system to function at its premium level. Our highly qualified Technicians are experienced in fault diagnosis, have done an analysis of different AC systems over the years and can repair and renew any brand of AC.

It is very important to maintain and keep a check on your AC system and its compartments so that your ac has longevity and efficient cooling functions. Delaying any type of AC system issues for even a short period of time can cause, your AC system to abrupt the environment and cause havoc in a country like UAE., In order to avoid such major problems and keep a good check make sure to have regular checkup an maintenance checks on the AC system regularly. We do the same to not only repair faults but to foresee any future faults. Preventive maintenance is crucial in a place like UAE where dust and humidity all play a major role. Regular preventive maintenance enhances the performance and energy of your AC system making sure it continues to function without disappointment.

We have contracts and packages to meet your needs in this case. So that your AC system or business does not suffer. Air condition maintenance is a necessity that cannot be ignored and the checks done need to be done with utmost care and protection, our team at the green horizon is equipped to make sure that the maintenance is done in light of avoiding any major future outbreaks.

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